Episode 8

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22nd Nov 2022

Getting Reel With The Instagram Expert, Sue B Zimmerman: Episode 8

Getting Reel With The Instagram Expert, Sue B Zimmerman: Episode 8

If you’re an Instagram user and want to grow your business or audience on Instagram, listening to this episode with The Instagram Queen is a MUST! Sue B. Zimmerman is a recognized Instagram influencer that trains and coaches people and businesses on how to use Instagram to grow their Instagram accounts and increase their business presence on Instagram.

Sue B. Zimmerman is known as “The Instagram Expert” – and with good reason. Over the past 8+ years, Sue B. has helped business owners turn Instagram into their most effective marketing platform. She’s a speaker on stages all over the world, giving Instagram tips and strategies -- and teaching business owners how to be successful on Instagram. (In fact, we connected because we both spoke at Digital Marketer’s Traffic & Conversion Summit conference!)

In this episode of The Marketing Plan Podcast, Sue starts out by talking about her entrepreneurial journey and how she sold $5,000 worth of products in one minute on QVC! (She taught people how to decorate their printed photos with a special craft tape and beads.) Now she teaches people how to use videos to preserve memories and market themselves using Instagram!

Sue talks about what you should do to your Instagram account before you even create content on Instagram – and that’s writing a killer “boss bio.” (And how this benefits your Instagram profile overall!)

She also discusses the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Instagram marketing – something very few people talk about!

Here are some other Instagram tips you’ll learn in this podcast episode that will you’re your Instagram engagement and your Instagram business marketing:'

  • The importance of a uniform promise in Instagram posts so it aligns with the promise you make in your Instagram bio.
  • Why it’s important to continually change the URL in your bio. (Hint: Do not make your Instagram bio URL your home page.)
  • How to quickly get to Stories and how to effectively use Stickers
  • Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels. Why everybody should be using Reels! (And you don’t have to lip sync or dance!)
  • How consumers are using Instagram shopping to buy from businesses on Instagram.
  • How to use Product Tags so people can use Instagram shop and buy directly from your company on Instagram.
  • Instagram tips you can do to increase your followers on Instagram.
  • Where to find the Add an Action Button to create a button so people can order food, book now or reserve.
  • Explains how people are using Instagram to find local businesses using keywords.
  • What is a hook? Why a hook is important to grab your viewers’ attention.
  • How to create the best Instagram hashtags.
  • And much more!

You’ll get a ton of information about using Instagram to grow your business from Sue B. Zimmerman, The Instagram Queen, in this episode of The Marketing Plan Podcast, which is ALL about Instagram!

Watch the YouTube Video of the Podcast Interview with Sue!

Want to watch all the fun of the interview in video? Check out the video interview on our YouTube Channel! https://youtu.be/kSvwu4s2J4c

NOTE: Unfortunately, Zoom’s recording feature was not cooperating the day we recorded this episode, and it didn’t record the screen share on Sue’s Instagram account that she shared. So please follow along at Sue’s Instagram page at: https://www.instagram.com/theinstagramexpert/.

How to Reach Sue B. Zimmerman:

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Sue B. Zimmerman’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/suebzimmerman

Video about Reels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0cB5xpwTsE

Sue B.’s Website: https://suebzimmerman.com/

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